Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stage 4 - Breast Cancer

Dear Readers,

My name is Demetrio Galera jr.,63 yrs. old, Husband of Sally Galera who was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. I am appealing to all of you with good & pure hearts. Please help me & my family to finish her 5 remaining sessions of chemotherapy. We have already asked help from PCSO & was given Php 145,700.00 that's why my wife went through 3 sessions already. The doctor advised us that she needs to have atleast 8 sessions of chemotherapy.

Please see below details of her medical records from the day she was diagnosed.

Aug. 28, 2007 - Final Histopathologic Diagnosis: Breast, Left: Modified Radical Mastectomy

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (3.2cm) poorly differentiated (nottingham modification of Richardson-Scarf-Bloom Grade 3) 07-FS-063.

Positive for residual tumor with metastasis to four (4) out of nine out of fourteen (9) axillary lymph nodes.

Nipple, basal plane of resection, superior, inferior, lateral and medial planes of resection negative for tumor involvement.

Positive lymphovascular,Intratumoral and peritumoral Areas

Moderate Lymphoplasmacytic response.

Fibrocystic changes of the breast with sclerosing adenosis, other sampled breast areas.

Nov. 29, 2008 - CT Scan of the Chest

Fibrotic PTB with possible granulomas in both upper lobes

Pneumonia both lower lobes

Fibrosis both lungs

Pleurodiaphragmatic adhesions, bilateral

Ill-defined hypodense lesion in the left hepatic lobe with focal dilatation of the left intrahepatic duct. Suggest CT scan of the liver with triphasic IV contrast

Consider small cyst right hepatic lobe

Lytic changes T2 and L3 vertebra. Suggest correlation with bone scan.

Degenerative changes of the thoracolumbar spine

S/P MRM, left

Dec. 06, 2008 - CT Scan of Upper Abdomen

Left lower lobe mass with hypodense foci in the rest of the liver lobe for which a metastatic process is considered in the light of clinically diagnosed case of Breast CA.

Biliary Ectasia

Minimal Ascitis

Thickened duodenal wall, probably secondary to ulcer disease

Mesenteric fat strandings; inflammatory vs. neoplastic

Bilateral pleural effusion

Left anterior wall lymphadenopathies

Dec. 08, 2008 - Bone Scintigraphy

There are multiple foci of increased radiotracer uptake of varying intensity distributed in the following skeletal structures:

- Mid-parietal bone of the skull

- Multiple levels of the vertebral spine (mild lesions in the T7, T8, T9-T10, L1 and L2, and severe lesions in the T3,T4,T5 and sacrum)

-Ribs particularly in the right lateral 4th & 7th, right posterior 11th, and left lateral 1st, 4th, and 6th ribs

- Left sacroiliac joint

- Right ischio-pubic area

- Left proximal femur

Dec. 05, 2008 - CHEST PA

Fibrotic densities in 1st & 2nd anterior interspace bilaterally. Honey comb mottlings in both lower lung fields more on the right with interlacing soft densities. Pleural density on the left lower hemithorax partially obliterating the left hemidiaphragm and costophrenic sulcus.

Normal heart shadow

Sclerotic thoracic aorta

The right costophrenic sulcus is blunted.

Visualized bones are unremarkable.

Impression :

Pulmonary fibrosis

Bronchiectasis with superimposed pneumonia

Pleural effusion to be considered

Atherosclerotic aorta

Dec. 06, 2008 - Chest Decubitus

Left lateral decubitus view shows shifting of free pleural fluid along the dependent portion of the left hemithorax.

Dec. 12, 2008 - Chest PA

Follow up since Dec. 05, 2008 show increase in the volume of pleural fluid in both hemithoracers.

Rest of the findings are unchanged.

Dec. 13, 2008 - Chest PA

Follow-up after 1 day shows the following findings:

There is moderate decrease in the volume of pleural fluid on the left hemithorax.

The pleural density on the right remain stationary.

Fibrotic densities still noted on both uppler lobes.

Heart is not enlarged.

Thoracic aorta is atheromatous.

The left breast shadow is not appreciated.

Impression :

Bilateral pleural effusion with decrease in volume on the left pulmonary fibrosis, bilateral

Atheromatous aorta

Underlying pneumonic process cannot be ruled out.

She' next chemo sessions is on March 17 2009,This is her 4th chemo

If you are Willing to help contact this number

ph +639273421579 or this email Demetriojr_Galera@yahoo.com